SLUR is the brainchild of a triple threat of harmless weirdos commonly referred to as Luca McGrath, Cesar Erhard and Taylor Macias. For a short time said weirdos were living in the near vicinity of each other, and enjoyed such degenerate hobbies such as guffawing at our fellow San Franciscans, consuming contemporary media, admiring flora and fauna, and making art. As time dictates we grew older and geographically farther apart, but in an attempt to kindle the flame of our sometimes funny, sometimes dark, and almost always existential rapport, we’ve formed SLUR. We hope you feel at home in this rats nest of a creative, charming, stupid art¬†collective, and that in these strange days of becoming the heralders of the millenial zeitgeist we can deliver something refreshing, inspirational, and relatable to¬†keep you afloat in the quicksand.